Ultimately Depression Identity ? Which Age More Affected

Which social groups, ages, and gender preference.

Clinical depression should not be confused with the every day, use of the term usually refers to feelings of sadness which are considered strongly, but temporary, and often due to a specific event or a situation.

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Clinical depression is a disorder mood  in which there are intense melancholy and sadness feelings that interfere and hinder the person’s daily life. Also, the person loses interest, has no appetite for anything and suffer from guilt and low self-esteem feelings. These feelings should last more than two months. Approximately 6% of the general population suffers from clinical depression occurrence, ie more than 350 million people all around the world and 6.25 crore people in India.

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Depression can occur in all age groups. However, the average age of onset is approximately 25 years . It is two times more common in women during adolescence and adulthood but is nevertheless the same common in boys and girls during the prepubertal. The age group with the highest incidence of the disorder, and both sexes are 25-44 years old and after 65 years, the incidence is reduced the same for men and women.

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Worldwide, women suffer from depression twice as often as men. The risk of depressive disorder throughout the individual’s life is 10% -20% of women and 5% – 12% for men.

Epidemiological studies have shown that depression “prefers” certain social groups.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a depressive episode is increased atoms; especially children who are in their close family patient with depression or another mental disorder.

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Depression is the major problem in the current scenario, all age of folks are getting affected. From children to seniors all ages of people are tired of this problem. Not all people but a large number of people trying to rid such problem. Meditation and yoga have been proved very effective way in this problem. Either to reduce or completely remove the stress problem, I will suggest to join yoga class.

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