Top 10 Camera Brand : Top 10 Best Camera Company World Wide

Top 10 Best camera company word wide. These camera companies are top and have the position in the list of top 10 best camera company world wide. Here, you will get camera companies name;

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The value of the photograph can only understand only passinate photgraphers. Undoubtly, photography is an art and with the assistance of advacned camere can make a lot of difference. Today, it is the time of Digital Cameras considered as the best becuase of super zooming capability, high performance, and loaded features. THere are lots of companies which manufactur diffrent diffrent type of digital cameras, but all companies best. Most of top 10 camera brand are a Japanese based company which build and deals almost all over the globe. Here are top 10 best camera brand companies name;

1. Canon

Canon is a Japan based company build high-end digital SLR cameras and another kind of cameras. The company was founded in 1937 with headquartered in Japan. Today, Canon is very big brand and its cameras are most popular in the world. It became a top competitor after the launching of its Rebel film-based SLR and now is a favorite maker or manufacturer of digital SLRs among many working photographers.

2. Nikon

Nikon is on the 2nd one postion in the list of top 10 camea manufacturer. It is the most popular and recognizable brand specilist in the manufacturing of thehigh-end SLR and digital SLR cameras. The company Nikon is founded in Tokyo in 1917, and also operate from Tokyo menas headquater. Nikon’s D-Series of cameras and compatible lenses is one of the best sellers in this indutry. 

3. Olympus

Another, Tokyo founded a company, Olympus is founded in 1919. The company is known for making quality film-based SLR cameras and lenses even company has become a leader in digital photgraphy during the 1990s. Some of the first digital based cameras available to general consumers by this company.

4. Leica

The Leica company is founded in Germany around 1849. Leica is known for offering the best quality product. Their high-quality product standard and compact size make the company brand. Leica is one of the world’s oldest company which moslty manufacutres optical devices. In 20th centry, its rangefinder camaery were very popular. Additionally, the company also deals in lenses.

5. Pentax

Another popular brand, Pentax was founded 1919 in the city Tokyo. Intialily, company is known for manufacturing the film-based cameras and lenses. Now, the Pentax has made the great reputation in the internationl market. It is also the best manufacturer of digital SLR cameras, nd also delas in binoculars and other optical devices. The company offers product at affodable prices so that everone can purchase specially the professionals.

6. Minolta

Another camera manufacturer Japan based company, Minolta was founded in 1928 in Osaka. Initially, the MInolta is known for film based camera but with passage of time, they also include in manufacturer the digital cameras. Now, the comapny has gereat market in this field. In 2003,  Minolta merged with Konica and create the Konica Minolta company, and create the popular Maxxum line of digital cameras. The company ultimately sold its camera operations to Sony.  

7. Sony

Another famous brand, Sony is a technology gained well-established electronics company, known for their best quality products. Initially, Sony is including the manufacturing of the televison but after some time to see the demand the camera, the company entered the digital camera market. Sony began making more top class digital SLR cameras after buying Konica Minolta’s camera division in 2007, and build its popular Sony Alpha line of digital cameras.

8. Fujifilm

Tokyo based company, Fujifilm was founded in 1934. Fujifilm began their life as a building of quality photography film, and eventually established a famous series of cameras for. Fujifilm targeted the professional and offerrangefinder and high-end digital SLRs cameras. Its some speical cameras are capable to click the mirrorless photos.

9. Samsung

South korea beased company, Samsung is very popular brand nowaday. Samsung was founded in 1938, and has wins the prize for World largest electronics devices manufacutrer. Initially, they stated life by manufacturing the security camera systems, and after that they have also included various type of camras manufacturs. Its new line of digital SLRs compete against those made by the industry’s top companies.

10. Kodak

Although no longer involved in the camera industry but Kodak was the world’s first camera company after producing the first commercially viable camera in the late 1800s. Kodak camera and film were industry leader more than 100 years. Kodak has very strong footprint in the market even when somebody think about camera, definately kodak cameras come first in mind. Many of these cameras are still available on the used market and are good options for general users.

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