The Dirty Picture Featuring Akansha Sharma, the so called “Social victim”!

Ex big boss contestant Akansha Sharma who used the tag “Bride to Yuvi’s Brother” to gain popularity and then she got a place in the Big boss house as a contestant too. But at this time the same girl is defaming the whole family citing “Domestic Abuse” as the reason. While it’s not wrong to say that she is doing all this just for the sake of easy fame and publicity, as many people do the same. But before taking her claim seriously are we sure that she is right? Actually we need to see the Dirty part of the so called “Harassment” victim on her Instagram posts which goes as follows:

Now everyone can easily recognize the “Dopehead” hidden inside the skin of so called “Social victim” by having a look at these pictures videos, where she can be often seen as smoking weed and flashing smoke around with all the High end attitude on one side. We can easily say that she has two faces like a coin one is when he is almost a drugs addicted and the second when the her “fake Innocent” version is trying to gain people’s sympathy by continuously blaming Yuvi’s family for all the Disgrace to her life. Its up to our intelligent “Janta Janaardan” now to make a decision based on common sense instead of getting wooed to fake illusion claims by a “Fame seeking” person.

Updated: March 9, 2019 — 4:39 pm