Necessary Things Before Going To Trip

Now the holidays, undoubtedly most of us are planning to make a trip or visit your own village. Naturally, the car is the advantageous solutions especially if you are thinking to go with someone or loved ones. But before you and your friends or your family leaving for vacation, do not forget necessary things essential to ensure that your trip will be safe and carefree.

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Let us see, then, what are such things before you leave vacation.

1. Car Check: Book Service

Just like you need to do the particular medical examinations every year, and your car manufacturer has set Specific prerequisites for the proper maintenance of the vehicle you drive. Before you leave, take a look at the service book to see when was the last service done and when to do next. If your car is not giving the mileage according to the written by your car manufacturer, then you just consult to manufacture to be sure about the safety of your journey.

2. Check all fluids car: oil, coolant, cleaning fluid glass

Maintaining liquid at normal levels is a critical factor for the overall “health” of your car. This important point that includes the vehicle control, it will take you only a few minutes and can save a lot of unpleasant situations, such as to find yourself unexpectedly on a side street in the middle of Highway. Your car needs oil to lubricate the engine coolant to regulate the temperature of the cleaning fluid and to have good visibility.

3. Check the tires

Most of the car owner don’t look towards the tires while the car’s tires are one of the most important points, you should give attention before you go traveling. We can avoid this point if the car is built with tubeless tires but in other the examination of your tires, as are the number one factor that can be a problem, especially in a long journey. Do not forget, moreover, that and the tires have “maturity” and after the addition of can be very dangerous for your safety.

4. Make sure you have a first aid kit

Most of us don’t carry the first aid kit, that is the very big problem. Gradually increasing the traffic on the road make ensure to everyone. Daily, we hear and see many accident cases through communication media. Before leaving the place, open the box and check. From simple painkillers, ammonia, antiseptic, to cortisone and adrenaline injections for severe cases, you have nothing to lose if you add in your box.

5. Make sure that you have all the necessary papers in the car

Never know when you will need all the cards you have in the glove compartment of your car, for sure, however, you should check out before you leave for a trip. Such important things must be double and triple to be sure is that nothing is going to spoil your mood on your much-needed vacation!

Updated: October 17, 2016 — 4:14 am