Music! Off or Kills Your Productivity| How Music Effect

In India mythology, the goddesses Saraswati who inspire humanity to create music, art, poetry and all the creative arts. It is a unique way of expression of thoughts and feelings, music worthy of one of the “divine” discoveries of human creativity.

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The melody of the music, however, helps man to create. With more and more people to work in their melodies sounds the question arises: The music listening really make a worker more productive? According to modern research findings:

♠ It can improve the mood of a worker.
The melodic sounds help in the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain, influencing positively at his disposal.

♠ can help handle repetitive tasks.
When a job is a recurrent one, research recommends that music is beneficial.

♠ impedes the learning process and can disrupt attention.
When it comes to absorption analysis or new information, the music is not recommended because that greatly distracts your attention.

Therefore your favorite habit may have beneficial effects on your productivity, but when you choose the music which will accompany your work is good to have some things in mind:

√ Listen to melodies that do not involve words.
The words sound activates language centers in the brain, which are confused with any other linguistic activity (reading, writing, speaking, etc.). Classical music (Baroque) is considered one of the options “work” better.

√ chose songs that you are familiar.
Since when you hear the first time a song you do not know what to expect, you tend to listen carefully to “see” what comes next.

√ Try different speeds and rhythms of the music.
Many argue that the music in certain rhythms affect certain types of brain waves.

However, the best judge to say if the music boosts or kills your productivity … are you himself!

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