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Thanks to technological advances and the dozens of available online tools (Online Interview), work is not food requires being fully connected to the “party”. The remote working model is gaining supporters and modern professionals who choose the online conference & work from home constantly multiply.

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With online collaborations, distance from the interviews and business meetings are becoming more frequent! Now the Skype, a simple communication tool, has evolved a very useful tool into the interview. And there is no doubt that you are familiar with the video calls because of communication with your friends, but how to use this new tool for a successful job interview? Here are some point to be considered before an interview;

Contact Info

Exchanged contact information before the interview and add the contact as soon as possible. Make sure that your first profile looks professional, with a tasteful photograph and a consequential albeit diminutive name (!).

Technical issues

Check that your computer is working properly and the Internet connection is not facing a problem. A dysfunctional communication with technical difficulties can cause frustration on both sides. Your Skype allows you to embodiments test call to confirm.

Scenery & atmosphere

Make sure that the room in which you will use in conducting the interview will be quiet. Precaution for any distractions. Turn off your mobile phone and informed friends and your family so as not to interrupt the “burning” of time. Also, do not forget to change the Skype status to busy mode to not accept any unexpected call. “Erect” a professional setting! Target is behind you reflect a simple and neutral background. Avoid the photo exhibition, music posters, and any other personal item. Indicatively you can be placed in front of a library or a window with a curtain.


Adjust the camera before the interview so that you can evaluate the way you look to your potential employer. Ensure that there are adequate. Promise natural lighting if conditions allow, otherwise put a table lamp near you. In that, it achieves the interview from home does not mean that you can have and the same look! If it were to be presented close to the employer what you were wearing? Dress professionally! And when we say we mean … professionally dressed from top to bottom! Do not think to wear over shirt underneath Pyjama! Imagine having to get up from your chair …

Visual contact

The embarrassment of the interview is given. Certainly when performed remotely difficult situation … That’s why he tried to react as naturally as possible. The smile is the most effective ally to win the sympathy and-and to develop a good contact with your interviewer. Do however remember that sight must have the camera and not on your screen! Think how looking at the camera look at the querent.


Before the interview does a test call to a friend or relative to make sure your Skype works correctly. A foliose appropriate level of voice volume and verified that you sound clear. Asked their opinion on the scene and your appearance and take into Comes comment.

One step before the interview!

Be on online 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and wait for the interviewer to contact you.

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