How To Post Job Ad | How To Create Job Ad On Naukri

Is seeing the qualified professional for your project? and not getting the good response in this subject. Don’t worry, we here to help you. In the current scenario, there are lots of talented professionals available. Only you need to post a job with complete information.

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To ensure that the offers of the “best” would fall rain … and to choose the most suitable for your needs, do not stop limit of yourself by just posting a simple job advertisement … Until the right time to do it irresistible!

√ Introduce your company or yourself

Before anything, you need to spend the time to ready the job description, make a very brief introduction of your company and its activities. Alternatively when you create employer profiles added some lines in “who I am”.

A description with friendliness or humor is able both to create a positive disposition to the prospective applicant towards your eventual cooperation and to strengthen points of the privileges you give to candidates (eg: pleasant environment, friendly working atmosphere, etc.).

√ Described in detail rather than the “what” looking even skills what you looking for!

From A to Z for the successful preparation of your ad, posting the detailed and clear description of essential and optional skills that is required, carry out the result with filtered. The more descriptive and concrete regarding the qualifications you are looking for, the more likely you are finding the right professional.

So a generic title (eg “Wanted Web Developer”), with no description of specific skills (eg good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript), will degrade the quality of tenders but will complicate and later work evaluation of candidates.

√ Offer incentives.

The amount of money, you intend to devote implementing the project is considered satisfactory? Offer good / fast performance bonus? There is a potential long-term external cooperation?

Report everything that might be an incentive for a skilled professional! And will attract more and better professionals.

√ Make your description “easy to read”!

The image always matters! Make readable and visually pleasant your ad. Use titles, spaces between paragraphs and bullet points in order to facilitate the flow of the text. Avoid using lowercase letters and another language word.

√ Re-read your job advert … With the eye of the candidate!

What do you think; Found it quite clear and exciting? Does it attract candidates that they want? Would you do the same offer for this work?

If the answer to any of these questions is no … Ask yourself why and make corresponding improvements!

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