How To Organize Time With Technical Pomodoro!

Technical Pomos … what ; If you are a speaker of the Italian language, you probably know that means Pomodoro tomato! Now you wonder what relation can have tomatoes with effective time organization …

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To take things from the beginning, the Pomodoro technique is one of the most popular personal time management methods and is addressed to all who do office work. And to solve your wondering about the name … The inventor of the technique in order to apply it used a kitchen timer shaped … Ntomatas!

The process is simple but effective!

For every project that you have to handle, “divided” the da pano Meno time to implement it in “pieces” of 25 minutes (Pomodoro’s). Among Pomodoro’s involved five-minute breaks. After completing all four Pomodoro, followed by a longer pause of about 15 minutes.

Did it sound complicated? To chart prepared will help you understand the simple philosophy of this technique!

Technique Pomodoro

Now that you understand the process, you may doubt whether such a simple method can be beneficial to the organization of your time. So, according to its ardent supporters, non-excessively long collection periods in combination with frequent pauses, keeping the mind in freshness and alertness, while combating stress which is one of the key factors constraining productivity.

Practically, if you have a long and varied list of tasks that need to “go” (to-do list), the Pomodoro technique can help to bring out quickly forcing in the strict tire is timelines. Somehow, continuous monitoring of the progress of your activities regarding the timing makes you accountable to your own self! Result; The disintegration time and delay is minimized and productivity is maximized.

What you need for the application of this technique? A kitchen timer, a pencil, and paper! Every time you finish a Pomodoro, simply flag your progress on paper.

Though which technique you use to organize your time?

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Updated: November 18, 2016 — 1:34 am