How To Insert Table In WordPress | How To Show Data In Table Using the Plugin

Sometimes, by inserting the table in the article, it becomes very easy to show the detailed post. It is a way through which one can put some information about the company, brand and people in a better way. This post is useful for WordPress users.

Sadly, inserting a table view in a post is not a default option, Well, without using the plugin, there are lots of ways by which one can insert the table but such ways are beneficial for those who have good command  over the computer programming to write, edit and delete the code. Make sure, if you have any doubt about coding, so don’t touch your dashboard editor option. Here, I am telling how one can easily insert the table in the post using the plugin.

In addition to that, there is a wide range of WordPress plugin that offers such features. I also tried so many plugin, after the some time, I got a very poweful plugin that not only offer such function even enhance the complete toolbar option of wordpress and the name of plugin is TinyMCE Advanced.

Undoublty, such question is pinging definately your mind, but don’t be disconcerted. I am here to clear all of your doubt. In this compittior life, everyone tried,  specially bloger that his post should be unique as well as apperance of post also be good, but the problem is limited option is avaible in wordpress toolbar. This plugin not only give the functionality of inserting the table even you can do many thing or play its offered feature to give the better look of the post. If you don’t believe so the better way install the plugin use the feautres, if you dislike, then remove it and one thing, no affect will be made after disabling it. its 100% guarantee.

How To Use TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

After installing and activating the plugin, it will automatically enable the features of wordpress toolbar. When you will write a new post or edit a post, you can see, the toolbar functionality has been increased. It give the wide range of features through which you can do change the font, insert the table, insert the colour and such type of attrating things.

Now, i will guide you proper way, how to insert table. Go to the table option as you can see in the image, and select how many row and coloum you want to insert in the post.

how to insert table in a WordPress post

Once you insert the table, after that you can resize it according to need. By clicking on the table > table properties, you can define the border and background colour. Don’t stop your hand only by inserting the talbe, try to use its other features like font size, font name and many other.

In addition to that, according to the need, you can customize the toolbar to make it user friendly. Go to install plugin> TinyMCE setting where you can drag and drop the features. As you can see in the given image.

TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin And Its Features

Some Important Point Before Using It

  • Make Sure you have installed genuine plugin i.e. TinyMCE Advanced
  • Before publish the post check the preview.
  • Also check the post on mobile.
  • Important point, plugin enable the many features but remember plugin also slow the web site speed.

If somebody have the beeter idea inserting the post, please let me know in the comments.


Updated: September 30, 2016 — 2:16 am