Exercise Drills While Sitting At Your Desk: Innovative Idea

“A healthy mind-body ‘said the ancient India … And can the modern technological advances combined with the fast pace and demanding work, have launched a sedentary lifestyle – not pushing towards gymnastics- but the wise saying of Hippocrates is a timeless slogan life and culture that is always topical.

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To spend the longest time of your day sitting in an office chair, certainly, does not promote the health and wellbeing of your body. Epileon that is practically very few freelancers have the time to do exercise on a daily basis …

The CinemaJAGAT.com team presents an innovative solution – ideal for those working from home – which will not solve your hands … but walk! And her name is Cubii!

The Cubii is an elliptical machine that enables you to pedaling under the desk, so staying in shape while you sit! This machine is designed exclusively for office use, with optimal angles allow your feet to move smoothly while ensuring that your knees will not “hit” in the office.

In this way, you have the possibility to burn calories and staying active, but without the left and your job back!

You can see it in operation in the following video!

As for the cost, amounts to 350 dollars. Certainly not as if cheap! But if you belong to those who never found the time to exercise due to work may be worth think about … Let you and a yearly subscription to the local gym will not cost you much less.

If you belong to freelancers who “have” with exercise and can spend a little more time, check the implementation Workout Trainer! With this application you can carry out exercises at home, following instructions provided by professional trainers, there is a free version.

You take care of your health.

From the group CinemaJAGAT.com

Updated: November 18, 2016 — 1:54 am