Car Air Conditioning: What to watch out for? Air Conditioning

The automotive air car conditioning – A magical system that takes care to regulate and keep the temperature of your cabin at a constant level, giving you warmth in winter and coldest in summer months.

If you want, then, the car air conditioning is your ally and this summer, there are some points that you should watch out!

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  1. Do not forget that the car’s air conditioning to work properly, it must be opened about one every two weeks, for at least 10 minutes. Even better, open the air conditioner at a lower temperature and higher intensity. This would help in better functioning of the compressor and decreases the probability of problem occurrence.
  2. In days heat or when you are stuck the motion, to make switching between fresh air intake mode from the external environment and recirculation.Thus, the car air conditioning will exclude from the interior of the cabin in the hot air of the atmosphere and effectively keeps your car cool.
  3. If you park in the sun and the atmosphere is stuffy, just open the machine, put the windows. By this way, the car air conditioning is aided and cooling is achieved quickly, since the agreement will be released trapped hot air from inside the cabin.
  4. Inside the air-conditioning vents favor the growth of molds and bacteria, so the annual change -at least- cabin filter is essential. The car air conditioning, if not properly maintained, can cause respiratory problems, especially in sensitive organisms. You can ask also from your mechanic give your special disinfection spray to disappear and your self-microorganisms and unpleasant odors.
  5. Generally, you should avoid, but especially when the car’s air conditioning running and the windows are closed, smoking is prohibitive. The little treat that moment can be created, including fungi in the air conditioning system. Besides, however, sashimi- for peripterous- the smell of cigarette “irrigate” the fabrics and makes the atmosphere in the stuffy car cabin.
  6. Do not forget that routine maintenance is the key to proper operation of the car air-conditioning. Every two years cared delegate control system to a qualified mechanic and to renew the cooling system with natural gas and oil.

Now that summer is approaching and temperature rises are the ideal time to receive action if you think that your car’s air conditioning maintenance free. Do not postpone the other service and enjoyed the coolness of your cabin while less proactive than you will sweat!

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Updated: November 23, 2016 — 8:06 am