Become A Happy: How To Be A Happy Person

There are also those people who seem to be always happy. Constantly smiling, they wake up happy, do not stand in difficulties, leave behind the negative feelings and causing questions:
“But that is not to touch anything,” especially at a time of madness, and in a society unreasonable demands. They admire, admit it. Perhaps their envy. But better think, how you too can become like those, happy easy, fast and simple. Why happiness is the choice and has the recipe. Below you will find a little happiness secrets, not because we say so, but because confirmed and science.

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Have you ever heard? Have you tried; Just know that when the body is exercised, increasing heart rate, and released endorphins. Endorphins are one of the three main groups of endogenous opioids (yes you read well) produced in the brain. These substances have strong relaxing and analgesic action and give us a feeling of joy and happiness. Increased endorphin in the body, is the most effective method to immediately feel better, get rid of stress and depression. And the pursuit of helping to liberate. Perhaps you have heard that all those who love jogging, upon completion of the exercise feel joy and wellness. E endorphins fault! And if you do not like running, do any other form of exercise to meet as the same result would have and dancing, walking, cycling. The greatest enemy of the exercise is to have nothing. And this only if defeated acquire a good habit against it. If for 21 days manage to put at least twenty minutes a day, a form of exercise, you will become your habit! And exercise, but also the well-being that will feel after.


It has become fashionable, and that has its good and bad of. The bad is that if you do it just because it is popular, fret Indians, he said it affected their culture so it now rightfully searching for people to ensure the rights of yoga. If we do it because you really like, then you have every reason to affirmations and writings of this paragraph. When we feel that “banging” red, that arrive in your limits, that can not stand another pressure, this is where yoga comes in your life. Focusing on the present, through breathing, (oh yes, we forgot to breathe and breathe properly) you can relax your pace, and to deal with more maturity and composure anxiety and depressive symptoms that cause the debilitating routine. There are many kinds of yoga to suit all tastes. What remains to do is to find and a good teacher who loves and respects what he teaches.


Green is not just the color of hope but testified and folic acid being that studies have shown that help fights depression and negative mood. Folic acid is found in grasses, especially spinach, and kale, also known as “good” that help much in the production of dopamine in the brain. A recent survey conducted in 2012 showed that elderly people who ate grasses rich in folic acid had fewer chances for depressive symptoms than those that did not contain the corresponding foods in their meals.


A team of Harvard University researchers concluded that the fresh flowers in the house is a source of joy and wellness. Survey confirmed that as long as purchased and kept fresh flowers in their home, feel more communicable, more relaxed and with more energy, and tasted the benefits of “taking care of” someone like, typically stressed.


Smiling is contagious. Once we know, the singing, say, why not do it already? Most bear in mind the smile as it results in a positive thinking, or condition, which is why we expect to happen or feel something beautiful to smile. But this has nothing to do with whether he did the chicken eggs or egg chicken because things are clear.The smile leads to happiness, not happiness to smile. He tried to smile even if you have to press, even if everything around you that time is not on … smile and see that joy centers in your brain will be activated, making you a better mood.


Let the light to come into your life !!! Natural light! Daylight, sunlight! Once you get up, opened the curtains! Let the sun to bathe! Walk under the sun, even if it has teeth! Eased slightly turning your face towards him! (Just put the controversial sunscreen months, March – October). The sun and the light give life. They produce vitamin D, essential for proper regulation of our mood. People who are deficient in vitamin D, exhibit fatigue, anxiety and sadness. It is no coincidence that the Nordic countries are most suicide cases … Here in Greece at least, we can boast that we are a country that bathes the light!


One also rich source, vitamin D, are mushrooms! The normally … mushrooms!Although many do not like, mushrooms are one of the few foods that are a natural source of this vitamin, which stimulates serotonin in the brain and raises the spirits soaring. A few mushrooms at breakfast, the omelet, salad, or plain, can lead to crazy celebrations, and without any of those … “magic”.


Some may laugh at him, some may not be able to understand the benefits of, or believe they could never meditate. The truth is, (and indeed confirmed) that meditation does only good. Only a few of them is the reduction in blood pressure, increased libido, and do the work of all these “tricks” together, because with meditation activated simultaneously dopamine, serotonin and endorphin so you understand what party is set up in the mind and mood . If you do not know where to start with meditation, there are techniques for beginners, covering all tastes and all needs, every hour of the day. And if some people view as an argument that they have no time for meditation, just remember the words of the Buddha, who wisely said that those who do not have time for meditation are those who need it most.


The carbohydrates are accused of being fat, that are bad and that they are useless. Myth and slander. Carbohydrates, especially in their complex form, are the body’s fuel. Body and mind, movement and thought, work with carbohydrate alone. That’s why diets wherein the carbohydrate is cut, the mood falls, fatigue becomes stronger, nerves Catal. The contribution is not carbohydrate, specifically, in the middle of the day, it is important for our mood. So a snack with 20-30 grams of complex carbohydrate, as an afternoon snack is perfect to cheer you up.


The serious decision, but also a serious reason happiness. The pet is not a toy, it is not even just a pet! The pet is a living being with feelings and needs that build relationships and links with his boss, and certainly, from that interaction win both out. Studies have shown repeated times that those who have the pet is clearly happier while often tame animals such as horses, dogs, cats, and used as part of treatment for depression and other serious illnesses such as cancer. Only those who have animals at home, they can understand what it means to perceive the four-legged friend of yours, you’re not at your best and do everything to see you again cheerful and frisky. The benefits, however, such a relationship are accompanied by responsibilities if you’re not really animal loving, responsible and determined, you better try to climb psychologically with any of the aforementioned methods.


It is known that music makes the mood! Awakens emotions put rhythm in life that rhythm gives color and generally excites dopamine. Just imagine the world without melody and music. Get in the car and do not put the radio. View a movie without music. Going out in the evening, without sound anywhere even an F Major. Our world without music would not be the same. It is proven that music builds mood, just when the mood does not lift, avoid negative thoughts and timeless ballads unfulfilled love and abandonment.

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