5 Simple Tips To Build An Effective Profile!

How can you easily build, fast and an effective profile, to maximize the chances of finding matching your project? Here are some simple tips!

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Name and photo

The first thing one sees when visiting your profile is your name and your picture, so I was careful to send the right messages. A full name, no nicknames or abbreviations, gives professionalism and reliability. The photo needs and this care as should include only you and no friends and acquaintances. Extra bonus if you’re smiling / or after so you can show a more friendly and accessible profile, attracting more easily interested!

Why are you right?

Very important is to convince the prospect that you are the most suitable / or on the job, detailing the experience, qualifications, skills and your knowledge in ‘Who am I “,” Work Experience “and” Education “. Emphasise skills to differentiate from other candidates. But avoid misinformation or exaggerate about your possibilities.

More specifically in the ‘Who am I’, you are asked to report their fields have dealt in the past, the projects in which you participate, to present your professional occupation and other professional competencies available. Under “Work experience” you can refer to companies in which you work and the respective positions that you take today. Ideally, you want to be as complete when stating your experience, as each your professional experience counts! Finally, in the “Education” section briefly added what studies have made any, and the respective schools where attendance.

What exactly can you take on?

Under the heading “Services” tried to present the main categories of services you can offer, considering that you can add up to 3 categories. detail describing your services and including costing a fixed price or per hour, you have more chances your profile to appear on relevant search professionals from potential customers. It is also good to be aware / or on the demand of your services in the market, so if the price offer can be competitive.

Check for errors

The detail makes the difference so that you have in mind that a correct grammatically and spelled profile and avoid Greeklish use, gives professionalism and indicates that it runs with the corresponding methodical take on any job!

Frequent renewal

Finally, it is advisable to regularly update your profile on new projects being undertaken and new experiences or skills that you acquire, and in this way appears to have been productive / or improve your range of activities.

Good luck from the CinemaJAGAT.com team!

Updated: November 17, 2016 — 12:13 am