3 Reasons Why Freelancers Love Summer!

June! You peanut on a magnificent beach, smeared with sunscreen and read your favorite book while sipping cappuccino under the cool shade of an umbrella. Life could not be better! For freelancers, summer is quite different.

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Suddenly a printer is turned on, a phone rings and you yelling your colleague to have a look at the report prepared! Returns to reality … You’re in the office, in an exotic setting and all you have left to look at the screen of your computer, which shows endless holiday pictures uploaded your friends on Facebook.

Waiting patiently to scholasei and mess with your fate … How many times have you happened to be a full-time employee?

For freelancers things, summer is quite different. If you are self-employed, so you can enjoy your summer, and to seize the opportunities offered to you.

1. freelancers can define the period of their vacation.

As a self-employed, you choose when and how you work. This means that you can make holidays even whole month of August, just deciding not to take on any project for that time. This would of course require and the appropriate financial planning.

2. freelancers can combine work and fun.

The beauty of working for yourself is that you can choose the hours and the place you work. If you decide that you work has used all the privileges that you get the freelancing.

Get up early in the morning, go a few hours at sea and work in the afternoon. If again thanks to work while enjoying the warm and sunny weather, take your laptop and go to work in a cafe overlooking the sea, in a shady place in the countryside or where you cheer. Having ally technology can be secured the internet almost everywhere.

Even better, if you have the opportunity, metaverse summer in your cottage and combined leisurely work pace with interruptions.

3. freelancers can take advantage of the reduced competition.

Everyone is a holiday … And ‘but not all! The needs of a business never stop! Even during the summer months, there are projects that “run” and are urgent and you can take advantage of the absence through the majority to become sought after professional.

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Updated: November 19, 2016 — 11:32 pm